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Do You Know What Is Going On In The Business World?

Business radio

It is crucial to know what is in the news, both at the local level and national and international level; you always want to pay attention to the news, from business news to political news to local news. Luckily, there are numerous different ways to stay informed to both worldwide news and local news from major newspaper to radio broadcasts.

Of course, there are also numerous options for the top international news stories of the week. For breaking world news, CNN and Fox are two staple stations, as is the BBC. The internet is also a great resource to utilize when trying to keep up on the top news stories. Twitter breaking news, for example, can be a great resource as many of the top news stories of the week tend to trend on the Twitter. Of course, there are several prominent newspapers that are excellent for (more…)

Jun 22 2013

The Many Uses of Embroidered Patches and PVC Patches

Leather patches

Though the art of embroidery has a long and rich history, it has evolved in progressed in myriad ways, and embroidered patches have a number of purposes.

Embroidery can of course be done by hand, but embroidery was first done by machine during the Industrial Revolution. With the advent of technology that uses machines operated via computers at fast speeds, the production of embroidered patches has revolutionized what once was a painstaking art into big business selling pass produced items. PVC patches are among the innovations, but there are many other varieties as well. In addition to PVC patches, there are more traditional style woven patches, leather patches, and suede patches. For something more outside of the box, rubber patches and rhinestone transfers are also used.

As for the functions of patches, many different professions may utilize custom embroidered patches. For a fashion designer, woven embroidery on the label can be a fine way to further the brand in a classy and chic way. Patches with embroidery, and even PVC patches, can also be found on the uniforms of military personnel, emergency medical technicians, police and firefighters.

PVC patches, as well as other styles, are often found on the uniforms of modern day athletes, particularly if the athlete in question participates in an extreme sport. custom woven labels can be found in souvenir patches, which typically picture a map or a coat of arms, and may often be in the form of a shield.

From modern PVC patches to retro style embroidery to more eccentric styles, the legacy of embroidery lives on in the wide world of patches and their many uses. Share your thoughts below on patches, the many kinds of materials used, and their practical purposes.

Jun 12 2013