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Aug 28 2013

Three Ways Outsourcing Your eCommerce Fulfillment Can Benefit Your Company

Fulfilment centre

Did you know, according to Internet World Stats, 78% of Americans are now using the internet for social networking, professional growth, and leisure? Because of this huge boom in web connection, internet sales topped $1 trillion last year for the first time ever, according to eMarketer. As the U.S. Census Bureau points out, there are over 7.7 million employers in the United States all competing for a piece of the pie. Here are three ways outsourcing your online fulfillment solutions to professional fulfilment centres can help you to get the biggest slice.

  • Improved Accuracy
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    When a customer orders a product from you, whether you are in the electronics, book, or pharmaceuticals business, they expect you to give them what they paid for. If you are managing y (more…)

Aug 25 2013