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Work With Executive Recruiters to Hire Top-Level People

Sales and marketing headhunters

Every business owner needs to hire talented executives to make sure their company is headed in the right direction. Though sales people and their teams are the ones who generate revenue, hiring sales reps is far less stressful than finding executive-level decision makers. Despite the fact that a sales hiring mistake can cost between six and 10 times a person’s salary, the same mistake at an executive lead to serious struggles. Because of that, many owners will partner with executive search groups who can help businesses avoid hiring unqualified people that prove to be a detriment rather than an asset.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of working with (more…)

Feb 26 2014

Looking for New Sales Talent? Keep These 3 Things in Mind

Hire sales people

Hiring sales reps is an important task for business owners and managers who want to make sure their business thrives. Even if a company offers the best product or service on the market, the notion of items that “sell themselves” is misleading, and sales people are a valuable part of any successful business. Despite that, perhaps surprisingly, many owners and managers do not know how to hire a sales rep. There are plenty of mistakes that they can make during the hiring process, including not accepting enough resumes and conducting a poor interview. If you are unsure of how to avoid hiring mistakes, there are a few things to always keep in mind (more…)

Feb 25 2014