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The Benefits of Implementing Electronic Billing and Archiving

Outsource billing

Technology is constantly improving the way businesses operate. While companies traditionally did all their billing and archiving work on paper, technology has made both of these tasks easier. Digital billing and archiving is a convenient option for companies to adopt, and electronic billing services offer this useful business solution.

1. Economical. Utilities billing services are a cost-effective way to do business. In fact, organizations save an average of 11.5 cents per billing statement when they avoid paper. Since outsource billing also allows you to qualify for maximum postal discounts, these services help your business operate more economically.

2. Organized. Electronic billing and archiving allo (more…)

Mar 31 2014

Three Unconventional Approaches to Hiring Sales Reps

Recruitment firms

It’s interesting to note that, while society in general might be questioning the value of majoring in the humanities, major companies are quietly working behind the scenes to snap up students in fields like anthropology and sociology. Google just hired an ethnographer, Intel has an in-house cultural anthropologist, and some reports say that Microsoft is the second-largest anthropologist employer in the world. So what gives?

Many businesses are realizing that the focus of sales — and business itself — should be about giving customers what they truly need in their lives, rather than what the company assumes they want, or hopes that they will eventually come to want with enough marketing. As Busin (more…)

Mar 31 2014