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Cutting Tasks for Manufacturers Require Much More Than a Sharp Knife

Tool presetting machine

Cutting might sound like it is reserved for loaves of bread and thick steaks on family dinner nights. But to manufacturers, it is a vital process that needs to be completed accurately and efficiently every day in order to meet customer demands and create top-quality products. As a result, business owners should work with cutting tool manufacturers who can provide both replacements for old worn down parts and innovative new ones that can help manufacturers gain an edge against the competition.
Over time, especially in high-volume work environments, all cutting tools can break. Unfortunately, that is just the nature of the beast. When even the smallest tools are no longer usable, entire production processes might have to (more…)

Apr 22 2014

Skilled Corporate Relocation Companies Help Make Moving Easier

Corporate furniture installation

Slurpee central, aka 7-Eleven headquarters, is set for an upgrade. The massive corporation plans to move away from its Dallas headquarters, where it has been a staple of downtown for decades, to a new location, possibly in Irving. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done.
There are a number of factors that will come into play if the company does try to move, including legislation and trying to meet incentive programs that Irving is offering. But one that should not be overlooked is handling furniture. Though it might seem insignificant considering the overall scope of the move, if 7-Eleven wants to make sure the transition is smooth and easy for workers, they should think about working with office furniture installers who can either help move current items or help install new desks, chair (more…)

Apr 21 2014