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The Best Tips for Refinacing Your Mortgage

Mortgage refinance loans

If you are looking to refinance your home, check out a no closing cost mortgage refinance. The best no closing cost mortgage refinance can lower your rates and save you thousands. Check out no closing cost mortgage refinance and have a little bit leftover every month.

One of the main advantages of working with mortgage refinance companies is that it will lower your monthly rate. Taking the time to refinance your mortgage while interest rates are low can allow you to save a substantial amount on mortgage and housing costs. There are an estimated 821,000 households in (more…)

May 31 2014

Three Hiring Mistakes Recruiting Companies Should Avoid Making

Hire sales reps

There are four things recruiters should be especially wary of, and they’ve been termed “the four As” by industry professionals. Assertiveness, ability to articulate, affability, and appearance are four characteristics of a candidate that can sway a hiring manager into choosing someone who can talk their way into a job, but can’t produce the type of results the company is looking for. A dud, in other words.

How can your company avoid hiring this type of interview-star, performance-dud? Here are three hiring mistakes people often make. Use this guide for effectively recruiting sales people in the future.

1. Don’t Hire Sales Reps Based on the Strength of Interview Performance

It’s easy to see the interview as a mini-test of the job. If they can sell themselves, they can sell a prod (more…)

May 27 2014