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Looking for a New Dry Cleaner? In the Mean Time, Use a Uniform Rental Company

Tide in omaha

If you have ever taken items to a professional dry cleaner, there is a very high likelihood that your clothes were cleaned with dangerous chemicals. According to Occidental College’s Pollution Prevention Center, as many as 85% of the more than 3,500 dry cleaners in the United States use perchloroethylene (or “perc”) as a solvent in the cleaning process. Perchloroethylene is a synthetic, volatile organic compound that poses a significant risk to humans and the environment. Fortunately, there are ways to dry clean clothes without putting the health of the dry cleaners or the environment at risk. However, if you need a way to clean your workplace uniforms while you search for a safe, environmen (more…)

Jul 25 2014

It’s Time To Consider A Custom Street Clock

Decorative street clocks

Businesses today have several ways of building brand loyalty and recognition. Social media marketing has now made it faster and easier for business owners to reach their target audience. However, many so called “old school” marketing techniques are still relevant in today’s modern world. Humans are visual creatures by nature. By incorporating unique and engaging signage and decor, such as outdoor hanging lighting fixtures or outdoor street clocks, businesses can be sure to gain the notoriety they desire.

Outdoor street clocks have the ability to increase curb appeal for any business. Additionally, outdoor street clocks come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and can be customized to fit the aesthetic of any building or business.
An outdoor street clock combined with decorative outdoor lighting f (more…)

Jul 25 2014