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Cat Food Instead of Krill Oil?

Best medical packaging techniques

Bottle packaging and blister packaging services design their products to be tamper proof. That’s why clam shell blister packs are often so difficult to open. It’s not that packaging services are trying to keep you out — they’re trying to keep product tamperers out.

Usually, blister and bottle packaging designs effectively keep their contents safe from tampering, but as Kalamazoo County in Michigan recently found out, it’s not always perfect.

Meijer Inc. stores reported this month that someone has tampered with packages of vitamins, replacing the contents with other products, like cat food. The primary product that’s been tampered with is Mega Red Ultra Strength Omega-3 Krill Oil.
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Aug 26 2014

Does Your Home or Business Need Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

Outdoor post clocks

Outdoor street lanterns have a long and storied history, dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome, where they were used to keep robbers at bay and illuminate walkways for safe travel. At the time, these lamps required a lamp lighter to walk the streets and light them at dusk. However, by 1753, the first widespread system of street lighting powered by piped coal gas had been invented, giving rise to the traditional street lamp posts we think of today.

Street lights are still used today for a number of reasons: they allow for activities to take place at all hours of the day, while reducing the safety risks aligned with being outside after nightfall. (more…)

Aug 26 2014