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What are Cooling Towers and How Do They Work?

Evaporative cooling towers

All cooling towers are designed to remove waste heat from water and transfer it into the atmosphere, but there are a lot of different ways to accomplish this task. These towers can be categorized in a number of different ways, because there are so many differences between the different types of cooling towers.

Certain processes require closed loop cooling systems, where the process water for cooling does not come in contact with the atmospheric air. A direct or open circuit cooling tower is an enclosed structure with an internal means to distribute the warm water fed to it over a labyrinth-like structure packing or fill.


Aug 22 2014

Find the Best Cleaning Company for Your Office Space

Commercial cleaning contractors

Do you run your own small business, and you’re concerned about how the appearance of your office building might affect both your customers’ perceptions and your employees’ morale? If so, you may find that hiring a company that specializes in commercial cleaning solutions may be just the thing to strengthen the way your business operates.

The industry of commercial and residential cleaning services is one in which no one company has a dominant presence. Six percent is the highest market share that any one business has. With this in mind, you will likely be able to more easily find the right commercial cleaning contractors who can meet your spe (more…)

Aug 21 2014