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How to Choose the Best Commercial Lighting Solutions for Your Offices

Clock repair and restoration

From increasing the aesthetic value of your storefront to providing an extra level of security against would be criminals, choosing the right commercial lighting solutions for your business can have seriously beneficial effects. That said, with ever evolving lighting technology and more choices available on the market than ever before, knowing what to choose from an endless list of outdoor post lighting fixtures, commercial street lamps, and other commercial lighting solutions is often easier said than done. If you’re tired of being spoiled for choice and simply want to make the best decision for your company, these tips for choosing the best lighting solutions are just for you.

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Sep 29 2014

Three Things You Need to Always Keep in Mind While Handling a Forklift Battery

Forklift battery handling

No matter what your warehouse is used for, it’s likely that the forklifts — and their batteries — are the main driving force behind its daily operations and functions.

But when it comes to the everyday forklift battery management, maintenance and handling processes of your warehouse, do you know if your workers and personnel are doing all that they should be doing?

To be sure, take a look at these three procedures and precautions that should always be observed when handling a forklift battery.

Never forget to wear protective gear.

Because forklift battery maintenance and handling is a highly hazardous process, none of your workers or person (more…)

Sep 29 2014