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The Benefits of Taking a Pre-Retirement Transition Leave

Do you eagerly await the day that you can retire but are concerned with whether or not your pension will be big enough? Do you wish you could take a retirement “trial run” to see if it’s truly for you or what you want in your life now? If so, you may want to consider taking a pre-retirement transition leave in order to test the waters of retirement.

What is a pre-retirement transition leave? A retirement transition leave is best for those who know they would like to retire and may even have a designated retirement date but would would like to gradually ease out of their work. Retirement transition leaves allow you to reduce your work hours or work week. For example, you (more…)

Oct 31 2014

How to Balance Web Design and Internet Marketing

Internet marketing firms

The internet has irrevocably changed how consumers and businesses interact not only with each other, but with themselves. New word and terms have been coined and added to the dictionary in order to describe this new way of life. The internet entirely has changed the lifestyles, culture, and day-to-day interactions of consumers, spilling into other areas of their life. In fact, according to statistics, Americans spend nearly 2.7 hours socializing via a mobile device, such as a smart phone, than they do eating!

As such, traditional forms of marketing, while still quite applicable and relevant, have all but been replaced by internet marketing and web design. As the internet markeintg movement began to take off, a plethora of internet marketing firms began springing up across the United States and i (more…)

Oct 30 2014