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Three Important Safety Features Your Lift Truck Battery Room Needs

Forklift battery wash cabinet

The forklift battery room is a dangerous place.

When forklift battery maintenance requires working in close proximity to hazardous chemicals and harmful vapors, battery room safety depends heavily upon the implementation of certain safety features and appliances — many of which are required by OSHA regulations anyway. It’s important to follow OSHA guidelines, as an infraction can result in fines up to $7,000 — or as much as $70,000 for repeat offenders.

Are your warehouse personnel as safe as they could be during the forklift battery management or forklift battery removal process? To find out, look at this list of the three most essential battery room managemen (more…)

Oct 24 2014

Three Benefits of Living in a Neighborhood With an HOA

Hoa development

Homeowners association’s, or HOAs, are an increasingly prevalent element in American communities, with an estimated 23 million homes believed to be located in HOA neighborhoods in 2006. These HOAs first emerged in the mid-19th century but started becoming extremely popular in 1964 for their ability to provide residents with shared neighborhood values and opportunities for decreased owner responsibility. Today, these associations are typically created by developers, who transfer the neighborhood to a community board once their work in an area is completed. In some cases, HOA management solutions like real estate property management services are also used to help th (more…)

Oct 24 2014