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How Stuff Works The Gears Turning in Your Life

Spur gears

Gears are used to get things moving. Gears are one of the oldest tools around for transmitting motion. They are, in fact, behind most of your favorite moving items : trains, cars, watches, etc. American cartoonist Charles Schultz once said, “Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” So get familiar with the gears that be and explore the possibilities!
Bevel Gear
A bevel gear is the kind of thing you might find in a hand drill. Spiral bevel gears have curved teeth and are usually set to meet eachother at a 90* angle. This way, a bevel gear and actually change the direction of movement by 90* just by changing directions. A bevel gear is usually shaped like a cone so that it can easily change directions. (more…)

Nov 17 2014

Easy Ways to Up Your Search Engine Ranking

Seo program

In a time when there is content about virtually any subject you can imagine online, internet marketing consulting firms offer a variety of online marketing solutions to aid businesses in getting their pages to rank highly in search engine results. Internet marketing SEO is an innovative way to ensure that a web page is seen on the first page of
search results. Studies have shown that up to 75% of web users don’t click pa (more…)

Nov 14 2014