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Why Your Business Needs a Street Clock

Outdoor commercial lighting fixtures

If you’re looking for rustic outdoor lighting fixtures for your business, outdoor street lanterns or antique lamp posts will often do the trick. But if you want rustic outdoor lighting fixtures that will look great and attract attention, you should consider something a little more striking: outdoor street clocks.

Street clocks are some of the most versatile and visually striking light fixtures you can place on your business. Clocks with back lights provide (more…)

Dec 24 2014

3 Types of Corporate Videos That Can Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

Video seo services

There should be no doubt at this point that video marketing content has staggering amounts of potential. YouTube alone gets more than 4 billion views each day globally, and video advertising is expected to account for a third of total ad spending within the next five years. But promotional videos aren’t the only type of corporate videos that a company might consider. Here’s an overview of three other common types of corporate videos:

  1. Onboarding and Safety Films

    The process referred to today as onboarding is more extensive than simple training in tasks. Also referred to as organizational socialization, onboarding conveys not only the k (more…)

Dec 23 2014