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Four Reasons to Distrust Companies That Offer Guaranteed SEO Services

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To draw new clients and increase revenues, most people today will tell you that it is necessary to invest in online marketing, whether this means hiring an internet marketing consulting service or spending time unraveling this detailed process yourself. If you choose the former, as many businesses do, you will likely see that some of these online marketing agencies offer guaranteed SEO services and other appealing promises. Does this sound too good to be true? You’re likely correct. Read on to learn why any promise of guaranteed SEO services should be taken as a sign to check out some different internet marketing agencies.

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Jan 29 2015

The Three Things All Warehouse Personnel Must Do to Ensure Forklift Battery Efficiency

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Forklift batteries are the beating hearts that power operations at warehouses across the world. Yet an astonishing number of these batteries don’t live as long as their optimal lifespan, which around 6,000 hours, due to warehouse personnel neglecting the proper procedures for forklift battery changing, charging and washing.

Because of this, it might be time to educate your personnel on the right protocol for the battery room. It will save you money, increase productivity and protect the huge investment that is your forklift battery collection.

Want more efficient, longer-lasting and better-functioning forklift batteries? Take a look at these three tips we’ve compiled for boosting forklift battery efficiency, and by association, warehouse efficiency:

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Jan 26 2015