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Three Ways to Deal With the Hazards of Hydrogen Gas in the Warehouse Battery Room


Forklift batteries are one of the most crucial components of any warehouse; without these batteries, it’s impossible to transport large quantities of stock with the help of a forklift.

However, these batteries are notorious for containing a number of hazards that threaten the health and safety of your warehouse personnel. One of the biggest hazards? Hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen may be one of the formative elements of water and subsequently one of the most crucial elements to our survival — but when it’s not paired up with oxygen, hydrogen is highly dangerous.

During the everyday forklift battery removal and charging processes, flammable hydrogen gas is produced as a result of the chemical reactions taking place within the forklift battery. If a battery is being overcharged or overheated, even more hydrog (more…)

Feb 20 2015

How to Tell a Cargo Vessel From a Cruise Ship

Galley pantries marine equipment

When a company needs to transport large quantities of product across long distances, they will often utilize marine services to get the job done. Cargo ships that are built to carry large containers and oversized equipment are easier to load and hold more product than airplanes that travel the same distance. Cargo ships are built differently than other ships, with specific parts of cargo vessels suited to their unique purpose.

When most people think of cargo vessel parts and equipment, they think of things common to every ship, such as the rudder and the hull. One thing that makes cargo vessels stand out is the c (more…)

Feb 16 2015