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Tips on Choosing a Retail or Commercial Space for Rent

Choosing a new area for your business or chain is always difficult, especially if you’re looking for a large retail space for rent. If you’re looking at a crowded, suburban or metropolitan area, finding a large retail space for rent tends to be much pricier and more elusive. When looking at a commercial space for rent, there are a few key things you’ll want to consider. The good news however, is that there seems to be plenty of space out there-real estate agents say in the third quarter of 2014, they saw an increase in market gains, which means more variety for you.
Key Aspects to Keep in Mind
Lease Agreements and Hidden Fees
Be sure to read your lease agreement carefully before signing for your (more…)

Mar 29 2015

Three Types of Billing Services That Small Businesses Can Outsource

Electronic invoice presentment

For small and medium sized businesses, handling regular billing tasks can become a cumbersome ordeal without the right resources at their disposal. Many businesses struggle with processing customer payments on time, especially if workers are responsible for handling customer service inquiries or working with clients face to face. As a result, it’s easy to fall behind on billing, and it can be costly to keep an underperforming billing department running, too.

If your business needs to speed up the turnaround time for its accounts receivable, it may be wise to switch to an outsourced billing services company. Here are some of the advantages you might see when you outsource medical billing or utili (more…)

Mar 24 2015