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Russian Artist Creates Envelopes Specially Designed for Bribes

Laser inkjet labels

In offices and homes around the world, envelopes and cheap bubble mailers are a common item used to ship a variety of items. Many people simply buy wholesale bubble mailers and never think twice about it. In Russia, however, an artist is using this popular object to make both a political statement and a living: he recently sold out of envelopes created specially for bribes after the designs went viral in his homeland.

On Tuesday, April 21, Siberian artist Vasily Slonov posted photos of a new project on his Facebook page: envelopes decorated with the text from the Russian criminal code article that deals with bribery. “Friends, let’s make life beautiful,” Slonov joked on the website. “Let’s improve the culture of giving bribes.” He invited bureaucrats, government officials and businessman to join i (more…)

Apr 30 2015

Above Ground Storage Tanks What You Should Know About These Cornerstones of Industry

Liquid fertilizer tanks

We may not always appreciate what above ground storage tanks (AST) do for us in the United States. In fact, many Americans probably don’t even know what AST units are, which is a shame considering they provide an invaluable service for industries across the country. AST units store the materials we use, directly or indirectly, everyday. From petroleum and foodstuffs to liquid fertilizer and water, these tanks ensure that the liquids industries rely on are safely and efficiently stored.

The AST units themselves vary depending on the materials they’re designed to store. Tanks that hold 50,000 gallons or more are generally constructed on-site and are known as (more…)

Apr 27 2015