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Three Fool-Proof Ways You Can Eliminate Tree Roots From Your Sewer Lines

Cured in pipe placement

The No. 1 cause of blockages and clogs within sewer lines isn’t grease, or even excessive solid debris being sent down the drain — believe it or not, it’s actually tree roots!

Tree roots naturally seek out moisture beneath the ground for survival — and your home’s sewer lines are home to plenty of moisture. If there is even the smallest crack or fissure in your sewer lines, small, tendril-like roots will begin to grow into the pipe itself, eventually creating a major clog in your sewer lines.

Having tree roots in sewer lines around your (more…)

May 21 2015

Go Big or Go Home Why Bigger Names Are Better For Large Construction Projects

Building construction companies

“More money, more problems.”

This is both a colloquial expression and a truism for people in the real estate business who have a little capital to invest in their holdings. Often this investment takes the form of residential and commercial construction, but choosing a general contractor company, especially if you’re being courted by slick salesman all hawking their company’s efficiency, is not an easy decision. What’s more, if you choose wrong, it can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. Below are a few guidelines to consider when choosing a general contractor company:

Go with one of the big construction companies. This is a great way to narrow down your search of the (more…)

May 20 2015