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Sleep Apnea The Silent Disorder Plaguing Millions of Americans

Bipap mask

Everyone loves to sleep. Whether it’s sleeping a full, restful eight hours or a quick power nap after lunch, sleep is truly a beautiful thing. after all, it’s a necessary biological function that nearly all animals — including humans — must perform in order to not only survive, but thrive. Unfortunately, sleep apnea prevents nearly 18 million Americans from getting the healing, restorative sleep they need.

The breathing of sleep apnea sufferers repeatedly starts and stops throughout the course of the night, preventing them from truly getting a fully night of rest. These breaks or pauses in breathing, known as apneas, can be brief and last for only a few seconds or can last for several moments at a time. During this time, the brain senses a lack of oxygen and initiates a coughing or gag reflex in order to “t (more…)

Jun 30 2015

How Executive Sales Recruitment Excludes Women

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In recent years, industries like Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street have been criticized for not including enough women in executive and senior positions. Executive sales recruitment sometimes excludes qualified female candidates as well. Although some people might think this attention is a form of political correctness, skilled sales team leaders know that’s not true. Without enough women on your team, your business is losing out on many qualified, talented employees who could otherwise bring their valuable skills to your office.

Many excuses and explanations have been given for the lack of representation among women in key industries. Ultimately, companies have a responsibility to investigate their own hiring practices so they can answer several crucial questions. First, is your company doing enoug (more…)

Jun 30 2015