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Secret, Foolproof Tricks to to Getting More Internet Likes

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Research shows that on average, people in the United States spend about 2.7 hours every day socializing on mobile devices. That’s twice the time that an average person spends eating! In today’s society where technology plays a huge role in our daily lives, knowing the ins and outs of internet marketing is crucial in ensuring that your business succeeds.

Read on for some basic guidelines to follow to ensure that you are using the best internet marketing strategies to boost your business or brand’s online presence.

Easy Steps for Boosting Your Social Media Presence:

  • One of the most basic things to keep in mind when posting online is the notion of instant gratification. Internet users want quick, simple information delivered to them — the majority of online users won’t rea (more…)

Jun 24 2015

The Evolution Of The Credit Card What Keeps It Safe Today

Credit card chargeback process

Let’s face it, the world is changing. We post our lives to public forums and share intimate thoughts with the world on a daily basis. Whether it’s political views, style advice or that really yummy salad you had the other day at the cafe down the street, we live in an age of shared media. We can do more sitting at home on our laptops than we have ever been able to before. One of the reasons so much is at our fingertips is because we pay with credit cards. In 2013 alone, United States consumers spent $4.6 trillion with credit and debit cards, and many of those purchases probably took place with the card not present. Credit card (more…)

Jun 22 2015