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Need Better Billing for Your Business? Try These 3 Simple Solutions for Your Billing Services

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Is your company’s statement printing and processing moving too slowly? Are customers calling in irate because their checks haven’t cleared days or even weeks after sending them in? Does online billing sound too difficult to handle on your own? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s likely that your business’s billing functions have gotten away from you. Fortunately, you can get them back by trying these three easy solutions to improve your billing and make your customers happy:

    1. Streamline your business: Streamlining can have a variety of meanings for you, depending upon what your business means, but ultimately, the goal is to make billing more efficient. Cut out employees who aren’t doing their jobs if that’s an issue, or, if you’ve been handling billin (more…)

Jun 17 2015

Why You Need to Hire Veterans (Hint It Has Nothing to Do With Patriotism)

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The discussion around hiring veterans is often framed by the unemployment crisis veterans are facing. According to the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, there are nearly a million unemployed military vets in the United States. For some subgroups of veterans, unemployment is as much as 20% higher than the national average. These are important stats, but they can sometimes make it sound as if hiring veterans is a patriotic or charitable duty, rather than just good business sense. What you need to know if you’re in charge of hiring for a civilian company is that military veterans are often ideal job candidates and can end up boosting your bottom line.

Why Your Business Should Be Hiring Veterans

There are numerous reasons veterans can greatly contribute to civilian business (more…)

Jun 17 2015