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3 Tips for Mastering UX Design for Mobile Websites

Types of marketing strategy

You may have heard about the UX design process for mobile devices before — probably when someone uses the term “responsive web design” — and if you’ve been a little confused by what it means, you’re not alone! Even the most talented UX designers get hung up on what UX web design really means for mobile web purposes… but the good news is that it’s really not too difficult to understand, once you get started!

Here are a few of the most important fundamentals of UX design for mobile web:

  • Don’t ignore mobile web. This is probably the most basic part of mo (more…)

Jul 30 2015

Where is the Internet? The Answer Is at the Bottom of the Ocean

Pipeline companies

Without the advent of directional drilling over the last 100 years, there would be no way to access vast stores of natural gas, oil, or coal. There would be no underwater internet cables, no way to make roads that traverse mountains, and no such thing as subway systems or gas stations.

Pipeline companies typically install and supervise many thousands of miles of tunnels that carry a variety of materials through the landscape, underground and undetected.

These installations are built to last and made to handle volume. Underground gas lines provide billions of cubic feet of gas to residential and commercial consumers over the course of a few decades.

In recent years, all eyes h (more…)

Jul 30 2015