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How Cutting Edge Vehicle Graphics Can Help You Invest Your Advertising Dollar Wisely

Orange county vehicle vinyl wraps

The advertising world spends billions of dollars in revenue each year to grab your attention and guarantee your business. Advertisements hit us in a myriad of ways each day from radio and television advertisements to more creative forms of customer engagement like car wraps. Smart advertising choices can be all the difference between a thriving customer base and a trickling stream of income.

Radio Advertisements
At any time, millions of people are listening to a radio from their homes, cars, and offices. Radio is still one of the most frequently used forms of entertainment, so why shouldn’t you take advantage of the attentive ears listening in? Radio advertisement has proven to be a reliable advertising method that guarantees customer attention.

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Aug 27 2015

How Cooling Towers Reduce Energy and Water Consumption

Evaporative cooling tower

Many industries rely on cooling towers to maintain core plant temperatures and prevent overheating, which could result in a core meltdown for nuclear power plants. Today, the largest cooling tower in the world is the 663 foot tall tower belonging to Kalisindh Thermal Power Station in Jhalawar, India. There are over 1,500 factories in the world that use large quantities of water for cooling purposes. Cooling towers were designed to recycle over 98% of water used, helping to save water and energy costs. How do cooling towers work exactly?

How Cooling Towers Work
A cooling tower works by allowing cool water to collect heat waste from plants. The hot water is then released from the top of the tower while air is blown to cool it down. The heat evaporates and the cool water is c (more…)

Aug 24 2015