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Paper Can’t Protect Your Personal InformationBut Your Shredder Can!

Paper shredding services

So you’ve heard all the buzz about switching from paper filing to electronic filing and you want to try it. Sounds simple enough. Transfer all of the information from your filing cabinet over to your new laptop and toss all the junk to the curb, right? Wrong! Secure document storage on a computer or in a database is one thing, but paper shredding is an absolute must when transferring any type of important personal information from page to the screen.

But why should I have to worry about that?

It costs business owners and private homeowners an estimated $24 billion every year in information theft, and with paper being the most common mate (more…)

Sep 30 2015

The 3 Most Popular All Natural Green Funeral Options

Ashes pendant

In recent years, more and more Americans have become more and more concerned with protecting our environment from unnecessary harm. And some of these green Americans are so committed to mitigating their effect on the environment that they even want to protect Mother Nature after they die. That’s why the United States is seeing a surge of interest in all natural funerals, also known as green burials.

So for Americans interested in exploring green burials, what are your main after-life options?

1. The Casket-less Burial

Many people are deeply uncomfortable with traditional western burial rites, the embalming, the open casket, and even the steel casket itself. Fortunately, it’s now possible for your body to be buried in the ground so that it naturally decomposes, the mass and energy that make (more…)

Sep 29 2015