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Is Your Billing Department Costing You Money? When to Outsource Customer Billing

Electronic invoice processing

In an effort to increase customer satisfaction and to decrease the costs of operating their business, many companies are looking towards offering their customers electronic bill payment and other electronic utility billing solutions. In fact, electronic invoice processing, a feature which allows customers to pay bills directly from their bank accounts, is becoming much more widely used by businesses across America.

Some companies outsource their billing to a company that specializes in utility billing solutions or electronic billing in general. The company will keep track of customer information, delivering electronic bills on a preset schedule and tenderi (more…)

Sep 29 2015

How Fraudsters are Making Money With Card-Not-Present Scams

Secure payment processing

Every 30 seconds, people across the planet Earth make $1.2 million in online purchases. Every single one of these transactions are “card not present transactions”, in which the purchaser supplied the financial information represented on the card rather than actually swiping it. While the card not present transaction process accelerates sales and stimulates economies across the globe, it also creates a broad opportunity for credit card fraud.
In order to commit online fraud, fraudsters do not to have physically possess the card, just the information on it. They also do not have to face another human while pulling their scam– a person who might get suspicious, or request identification in order t (more…)

Sep 28 2015