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A New Era of Energy Production

Double conical aluminum trailers

The oil and gas industry has changed over the years. As technology has improved and drilling has become a more advanced process, our remaining oil and gas reserves have never been more attainable. Currently, it is estimated that there are enough oil reserves to meet 53 more years of global production. Within that timeframe, there are many possibilities open to people working in the oil and gas industry. To start, let’s look at some basic facts about oil and gas production.
Oil and gas drilling is a vital industry both here in America and abroad. In the U.S., the oil and natural gas industry provides 9.8 million jobs and 8% of the overall economy. American drilling isn’t limite (more…)

Oct 29 2015

What Can Warehousing Logistic Services Do For Your Business

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Thanks to the advent of the internet, we can all take care of holiday shopping from the comfort of home. Online retailers work in part with warehousing and distribution departments to ensure that everyone can enjoy the holidays on time. Today over 80% of the online population has purchased something using the internet with half regularly placing orders. It is estimated the online sales will eventually reach $500 billion by 2018. To ensure the industry remains on its trajectory the very warehousing logistics definition of a smooth system has been ever-changing.

Warehouse (more…)

Oct 29 2015