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How Procurement Management Can Work for You

Workforce management services

As any business manager knows, the success of your company depends on a delicate balancing act between a variety of factors. At the most basic level, it’s every owner’s goal to increase revenue while decreasing expenditures as much as possible in order to maximize profits. However, some expenditures are necessary in order to maintain quality — employee salaries and other benefits are a perfect example.

The Society for Human Resource Management has conducted an annual study on employment statistics, and year after year, the absolute top indicator of job satisfaction has been compensation. To make a long story short, employees are happier, stay with the company longer, and work harder when they feel that their salary accurately reflects their contributions. A generous benefits package, inclu (more…)

Oct 29 2015

Winter’s Coming, is Your Steam System Ready?

Inline traps

It?s crucial that any business ensures that their equipment is running at peak performance. And the best way to make sure of this, is to use components that maximize the service life and potential of your steam system. Granted, the possibility of mechanical failure over time is unavoidable, because all equipment eventually begins to show signs of wear from repeated use, by using products of high quality you can help keep repair cost to a minimum.

How old is your steam system? Older, more inefficient types of steam traps create $8,000 a year in steam waste, while newer, higher quality radiator valves and steam systems can reduce steam losses down to less than 1%. Generally, 20% o (more…)

Oct 26 2015