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3 Reasons to Fix That Leaky Faucet (Right Now)

Pipe replacement

A leaky faucet. A dripping shower head. A toilet that won’t stop running.

These are all things that plague many households. While they are often secondary to primary home repairs, fixing them has never been easier (or smarter). If you’re thinking about doing some home repairs, remember:

  1. Leaky pipes waste water and cost you money.. A leaky shower head wastes more than 500 gallons of water every year. That number doubles to 10,000 when you account for other minor leaks found within the average household. Aside from wasting a precious resource, leaky pipes increase utility bills. By correcting basic household leaks with epoxy pipe lining and CIPP technology, homeowners can save more than 10% on water bills.
  2. It’s never been easier. With the help (more…)

Nov 30 2015

6 Ways to Know You’ve Chosen the Right Payment Processing Service

Card not present transaction process

One of the biggest decisions every new business has to make is which payment processing service to use. Especially businesses who conduct card not present transactions online, where there is a heightened risk of fraud if the poor payment processing services are used. It is recommended that small businesses use the following payment processing service guidelines for maximizing sales potential, secure payments, and reducing the risk of fraud or charge backs:

  1. Consolidate all of your payment vendors to a single payment processing service. Each additional payment service requires cost and time, and they all have different standards of security. Using a single, reliable payment proc (more…)

Nov 29 2015