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Keeping Businesses Small and Local With Working Capital Loans

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It can be tough to run a small business, despite the recent initiatives to help fund small businesses and support local growth. You might be pouring a significant amount of your own personal capital into your small business to keep it running smoothly or even afloat. But did you know there’s another option available to you? You could also take out working capital loans, especially if you have a need for lending but no access or need money as soon as possible. You can get the cash you need as early as 24 hours after you apply to a week after applying. Now bear in mind that this type of loan is not meant to be invested or put into long term funds. These kinds of small business loans are meant to keep fund immediate operations in your building — purchasing, payroll, etc.
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Nov 28 2015

Six Unique Ways to Use a Zipper Bag

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Plastic zipper pouches are fantastic way to store food. Heat sealed plastic pouches help keep food fresh and away from contamination. Each pound of plastic packaging can actually reduce waste by up to 1.7 pounds according to packaging experts. But they are not just for storing food. While they are a great space saver in your fridge or freezer instead of a large hard container, here are some unexpected ways that plastic zipper pouches can be used.

  1. A plastic zipper pouch can be used in place of the pastry bag. There are many times that I have run out of pastry bags when it would be very handy to have one whether it be decorating a cake, filling a cupcake or trying to type the message. All you have to do is snip off the corner of the bag, place your decorating tip firmly in there and f (more…)

Nov 28 2015