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Five Possible Causes for Sunken Driveways

Concrete contractors

There are many reasons you might experience a sunken driveway. Driveways are typically designed to last for years, usually 25-50 with proper installation but only if properly installed. Proper slopes, usually one-fourth an inch per square foot, should be installed to discourage water drainage to keep water from resting on your driveway. When driveways happen, the first thing is to do is to determine the cause so it can be fixed. Otherwise the problem could keep occurring.


The first thing that happens before a sunken driveway occurs is cracks in your driveway. Cracks are the first sign of weakness in your driveway b (more…)

Dec 31 2015

Need a Job for 2016? A Temp Agency May Be the Answer

Temp agency

As you set your New Year’s resolutions, you may be considering getting into a new line of work. One simple way to do, however, is to find a professional job agency, or temp agency, and have someone else do the searching for you.

Many people might dismiss temp agencies because they only offer temporary work opportunities. Yet many of these firms help find workers that go “temp-to-hire” as well. Whether you just need seasonal work or you need something more permanent, however, here area few reasons you might consider working with an agency to find your next job:

Find a job faster.

If you’ve been scouring through job listings, then you’re not alone. As many as 30% of all of Google’s monthly searches (roughly 300 million of them) are devoted to job-related queries. Yet looking on Cra (more…)

Dec 31 2015