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Most Americans Don’t Check Their Sewer Lines For Years What You Should Know

Epoxy pipe lining cincinnati

Whether you’re currently paying off your loan or have been a homeowner for years, there are many architectural aspects you have to pay attention to in order to keep your house safe, efficient and beautiful. One of the most neglected home attributes is sewer lateral lining repair, or in layman’s terms, the inspecting and correcting of subtle cracks and leaks that accrue over time. While the hydro jetting cost and potential sewer and drain replacement charges can seem high now, neglecting to inspect and repair your pipes can cause major problems down the road! Let’s look below at some simple statistics on sewer problems, useful alternatives to repair and where you should get started today to avoid a potential leak or flood tomorrow.

Why Repair My Sewer Line?

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Jan 31 2016

Getting a Sewer Inspection Helps Save Homeowners Water and Money

Sewer repair replacement

If you live in a home that has a sewer and pipes that are over 40 years old, it may be time to have them replaced. The best way to determine if you need new pipes or if the old ones can be repaired is through a sewer inspection done by a licensed plumber who is a sewage repair contractor. This is especially true if you have a leaky shower because a shower head that leaks more than 10 drops per minute can lead to a household wasting over 500 gallons in a year.

The sewer inspection should begin with a sewer video inspection and a sewer camera inspection as well as a pipe inspection. Once this is complete, you will be quoted several different costs depending upon what work is deemed n (more…)

Jan 25 2016