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The Importance of Investing in Energy Companies

Radiation detection equipment

The world has made much technological advancement in many areas. We now have the ability to make phone and video calls, across the world. We can utilize almost any piece of information, from our homes and mobile devices in our hands. We continue to advance research and knowledge beyond even our imaginations. One of the large advancements is in the field of energy. Many countries have continued to work for advancements in energy. They are attempting to find ways to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency and recyclability of traditional energy sources.

Investing in energy companie (more…)

Oct 27 2016

Safe, Cheap, and Reliable How Nuclear Energy Can Solve Our Nation’s Energy Crisis

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The term “nuclear” tends to be one that guarantees mixed reactions from different audiences. While nuclear energy can be used for destructive purposes, it has equal potential to better lives with safe applications. Nuclear power utilizes controlled nuclear reactions to heat water in steam turbines which is then used to produce vast amounts of useable energy to be distributed to the population. Despite the long use of nuclear energy in our own nation, many Americans still hold a number of myths and misconceptions regarding this alternative fuel source; here are five facts on nuclear power that all Americans ought to know.

A Cheaper Alternative

Our nation’s reliance on fossil fuel has produced a monster in the form of large scale oil and gas companies that insist that their (more…)

Oct 25 2016