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Struggling With Anxiety? Here Are 5 Steps That May Help


Many of us suffer from anxiety. Learning how to quell anxiety can be tricky for some; it’s hard to see past it during an episode. And because the feelings of anxiety can be caused by any number of things, dealing with an episode or anxious period in itself can be overwhelming. What’s more, people who don’t experience the symptoms of anxiety fail to understand how serious they can be. Many anxiety sufferers are made to feel isolated or may feel their experience is trivial. In order to overcome anxiety, those who suffer from it need to realize that what they are feeling is valid and that they are not alone.
Although it’s entirely possible to overcome episodes of anxiety on your own, many people may benefit from working with a personal life coach. (more…)

Nov 30 2016

Three Simple Etiquette Tips for Donating Goods to Charity

Best charities to donate to

Are you interested in clearing out the clutter in your home and think a Purple Heart donation pick up organization or other wounded veterans charities might be the way to go? When you donate your unwanted clothing and household items to a Purple Heart donation pick up organization, everyone benefits. You benefit by getting rid of the clutter that makes it impossible to clean your home. The a Purple Heart donation pick up organization you donate to is able to use your used clothing donation to further their cause helping disabled veterans. And the heroic men and women who paid the price for our freedom benefit by getting the help they need to lead productive lives, despite their injuries (more…)

Nov 29 2016