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Why You Should Make A Warehouse A Shared Office Space

Commercial space

If you’ve found yourself looking at commercial office space for lease but don’t think you have the money to buy it, there may be a solution for you. The idea is that you find a fellow company that is in need of office space and you go half in to lease warehouse space. That is much easier than trying to find office space for lease by yourself. When you have found a company willing to share commercial office space for lease with you, know that you’ll actually find multiple benefits to the union of space. To convince you more, here are 5 reasons why you should share the commercial office space for lease.

  1. Save Money
    The first idea is that, of c (more…)

Mar 31 2017

Shipping A Package? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

Domestic shipping rates

When it comes to package delivery, secure shipping should be your top priority. Especially when sending valuable items across the country or world, you want to make sure that everything arrives to the correct destination in one piece. Common mistakes, such as neglecting to purchase insurance for shipping, are easy to avoid. The next time you set up your package delivery, be sure to avoid the following mishaps.

  1. Choosing The Wrong Mail Class: Depending on the weight and shape of the package, as well as distance traveled, you will need to select a certain mail class. If you choose the wrong one, however, your recipient may end up having to pay the difference. The shipping company may also return the p (more…)

Mar 29 2017