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Six Tips for Proper Ammunition Storage

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Current ammo production is made to be used in a wide variety of conditions. However, there are still conditions you will want to avoid when storing ammunition. Improperly stored ammunition has the potential to be extremely dangerous. Wasting ammunition can become very costly, especially when done over time. In this post, you will learn six tips for keeping ammo safe and secure.

  • Always Utilize an Ammo Storage Case: One of the best ways to keep ammo safe is by using a storage case. These cases are made to accommodate a wide variety of ammunition. Hunters often use an ammo storage case to take while on the road. In many cases, an ammo storage case can save you money from wasted bullets due to improper storage. Many ammunition types can be expensive to purchase which means (more…)
  • Jun 29 2017

    The Different Types of Fire Alarm Systems and Repairs

    Fire alarm repair atlanta

    Before you decide on a fire alarm system for you home or business, it?s very important to know what type of fire alarm installations you need. Knowing what works best for your property will allow you to save more on fire alarm repair. Fire protection companies usually prescribe two main fire alarm systems which are conventional systems and addressable systems. Both of these systems offer components that are manual as well as automatic. Let?s take a close look at these types of fire alarm systems in order to get a better idea of the kind of fire alarm repairs you may need in the future.

    The conventional fire alarm systems are wired to the control panel which makes cond (more…)

    Jun 29 2017