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Moving to a New Place? Don’t Forget These 3 Things

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When people live in the same spot for many years, they get a bit comfortable with everything. That?s completely normal and even expected, but it can be harmful once they decide to move to a new area. People who once knew the ins and outs about each business located within a 15-minute drive from their home, might find themselves confused and worried in a new location.

So it?s important to identify a few essential things to re-up on when moving to a new place. Here are some of the aspects of moving that people often forget but can come in handy once you actually move into your new place.

What HVAC companies should you work with?

At your old home, you probably worked with great HVAC service and were serviced by experienced (more…)

Aug 27 2017

Four Common Causes of Fire in a Warehouse

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Statistics show that there are four property types that make of for 50% of high rise fires including apartments, office buildings, hotels, and facilities that care for the ill. A warehouse is another location that is prone to experiencing fires. Every warehouse manager wants to have working facilities that are safe for all employees. A typical warehouse holds many workers, keeping them safe is of the utmost importance. Knowing what causes and how to prevent warehouse fires will ensure your workplace stays safe. Many warehouse owners utilize many types of fire protection services to keep the workplace safe for (more…)

Aug 26 2017