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3 Important Differences Between Aluminum and Zinc

Aluminum die casting supplier

Many businesses are selling quality products with the help of a die casting supplier. Statistics show that castings are used in 90% of all products that are manufactured. Many companies choose either aluminum or zinc die casting for upcoming projects. Both zinc and aluminum work extremely well for many types of products. It’s understandable to wonder about the differences between aluminum and zinc. Here are three differences between the zinc and aluminum die casting processes.

  1. Conductivity

    Many business owners require that products are conductive. Aluminum die casting is often preferred when you’re needing electrical conductivity. You’ll find that aluminum is able to withh (more…)

Oct 24 2017

How Deli Signage Can Be Used to Encourage Customer Purchases

Unique retail display ideas

Deli signage is more than helpful when it comes to advertising the latest meats and cheeses that are available for purchase. It?s important to have brand names prominently displayed, since most shoppers make their choices based on the data that is provided to them in the store. In fact, over 80% of folks get make the choice to buy or not based on their experience in a store. Given this information, it is important to make sure their shopping experience is as easy and relaxed as possible, in order to ensure that they are able to get everything they need easily and with as little hassle as possible.

Consider How Impulse Buys Are Used to Make a Difference

Over 10% of shopper purchases happened because of a display the shoppers noticed while they were out. This can mean a (more…)

Oct 23 2017