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Making Sure That You Are Able to Make a Good First Impression Matters

Street sweeper rental

This is the time of the year when summer seems very far off. Even though the warm days of summer are months away it is easy to see why street sweepers and parking lot cleaners will be in high demand once the ice and snow melt. With the heavy use of deicer and sand many parking lots and streets require a significant amount of clean up before they look good after winter.
Although many people think of snow removal when it comes to parking lot maintenance, the fact of the matter is it takes a lot of attention by parking lot cleaners and street sweepers to make sure that these areas are safe and presentable.
Parking Lot Cleaning Services Help Businesses of All Size Make a Great First Impression< (more…)

Dec 31 2017

Finding the Right Shade of Marble Slab Can Help You Create a Rustic Look in Your Home

Natural stone for sale

If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom home remodeling project for the New Year, one of the upgrades that you might consider is selecting from various kinds of marble slabs for sale. With a color in mind, in fact, you can likely find marble slabs for sale that will fit into your design plan. As a surface, any kind of natural stone slabs for sale will serve as a reliable surface in many spaces. From durable kitchen counters that do not show any scratches or marks to bathroom counters that are easily cleaned and sanitized, (more…)

Dec 28 2017