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4 Side Effects Associated With Drinking Unsafe Water

Analysis of water quality parameters

Much of the world is able to drink relatively safe drinking water. Unfortunately, it can be impossible for certain parts of the world to receive access to water that isn’t contaminated. In fact, statistics show that there are nearly 2.5 billion people throughout the world that live with the threat of drinking contaminated water. That being said, not everyone who drinks contaminated water resides outside of the United States. There are many people who reside within the United States that must face the threat of water that is contaminated. It’s understandable to want to ensure that you avoid any types of illnesses relating to drinking potentially contaminated water. Considering that, here are four possible side effects associated with drinking from a contaminated water source.

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Feb 27 2018

What Catches A Customer’s Eye Today? Turns Out First Impressions Still Reign Supreme

223 ammo box

What are the most important aspects of your business? Some would argue that your first impression, made in the span of a few seconds or less, is the dealbreaker.

There is a lot of wisdom to be found in this longstanding marketing approach. Customers are becoming more discerning by the day, circumventing aggressive business strategies in favor of more meaningful interaction. This can be as simple as not using pop-ups on your business site and as complex as creating patented packaging that shows off your eco-friendly approach. Box labels have been undergoing some rigorous changes these past years as more and more customers decide they would rather support a brand that supports the planet, rather than going for the cheapest service (more…)

Feb 27 2018