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4 Ways to Safely and Efficiently Grow a Small Business

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It can be difficult to know when to scale a business. You are operating successfully and easily turning a profit at the level you are currently at. You could expand your business, reach a new target market, and rapidly grow your profits. Yet, if this plan is not successful, you could lose the profits and business successes that you have worked so hard to get. These steps will help you grow your business at a rate that ensures efficiency and care.

Target new markets one at a time
Expanding too quickly can easily turn a successful business into a non profitable one. When it does come time to expand the business, it is important to do so with one market at a time. Consider which customer targets you are not currently reaching. Create a plan to expand to each of thes (more…)

Feb 19 2018

How Your Clothing Donations Can Help Veterans Charities

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What?s the connection between recycling fabrics and textiles and helping charities for veterans? You may not realize it, but your clothes donations can help these charities to fund their programs. Nearly all fabrics we use are recyclable, but only a small percentage are in fact reused and repurposed. The rest goes to overcrowded landfills. Clothing donations for veterans help organizations like the Military Order of the Purple Heart or MOPH to fund their programs to help veterans and their families.

Recycling textiles can help charities
Nearly all textiles and fabrics we use can be recycled, but the reality is that only about 15% are actually reused. The rest goes to landfills, to the tune of 10.5 million (more…)

Feb 18 2018