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The Case For Green Packaging

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Over the past century, our efforts in disposing of our refuse has proven to be substandard, if not extremely poor. One of the worst offenses against the environment that has been produced by humans and turned into trash is that of plastic and plastic packaging. Classic plastic packaging is a recyclable item, but more often than not it is unfortunately tossed into the trash, with nearly 32 million metric tons of plastic being improperly disposed each year. The downside of such an action is the fact that plastic is an item that does not naturally breakdown in the environment, especially when compared to the likes of cardboard or food.

The effects of these poor actions, in which plastic is thrown away along with trash, are quite horrendous The data goes to show just how bad it has (more…)

Feb 27 2018

Advertising, Sign Companies, and Everything In Between

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When it comes to advertising and marketing, this field can be incredibly tricky and confusing. There are people who attend college for a minimum of four years to train and study advertising and marketing. There are so many numbers and equations involved in the process of understanding what appeals to people and such.

The value of on-site signage is equal to 24 full-page newspaper ads every year. This stat points to the value of hiring a sign company to come and give you signs for your business. These signs are bound to attract attention from people who are randomly shopping and want to make a quick purchase of something that is on sale.

Right now just about 85% of (more…)

Feb 27 2018