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The Importance of Wounded Veterans Charities

In the year of 2014, the total amount of money in terms of items value donated to charitable organizations managed to reach just about $358.38. Right now, there are more people donating items like clothing to wounded veterans charities for a number of reasons. These reasons can range and vary from feeling good, giving to those who need it, and potentially even tax write-offs!

Many donated products are given new life in developing nations where individuals purchase used American goods for pennies of their original price. Internationally, more than 14.3 million tons of donated American textiles help clothe people and families worldwide. These items are given to people who need them and they are of huge value to them as a result.

Giving to charities is going to at the very least make people feel good. Not to mention that it provides those who need it with household donations, local cl (more…)

Apr 19 2018

How To Choose The Right Metal Bellows For Your Industry

Metal bellows can be useful in any number of industries, such as the oil and gas extraction industry, but there are many components that go into successfully manufacturing metal bellows, from single expansion joints to custom expansion joints. It is important to know the background of what the metal bellows will be used for in order to incorporate the right components, such as single expansion joints as opposed to a different variety of expansion joint.

But first – what are bellows used for and what are metal expansion joints used for? As mentioned above, metal bellows and expansion joints such as single expansion joints are widely utilized in the oil and gas extraction industries. With more people than ever working in t (more…)

Apr 17 2018