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Soft Serve For The Summer What Makes This Delectable Variety On Ice Cream Such A Mainstream Favorite?

Summer is great for your ice cream business. The hot weather and free time add up to the perfect ingredient for repeat customers. …That is, provided your used ice cream machine for sale is up to the task.

Maintenance is key to making sure your shop is running smoothly from sunrise ’til dusk, yet a lot of businesses find themselves trying to cut corners. Your frozen yogurt machine for sale or used ice cream machine for sale is your bread and butter. Tasty treats and a quick delivery are the main reason people keep coming back for more. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping the afternoon rush won’t wear out your machine prematurely, take a gander at the list below and learn a few maintenance tips that will ensure you’re always able to meet your visitors halfway on a hot day.

How could your soft serve ice cream machine work a little better?

The Unique History Of Soft Serve

There’s nothing quite like a little tower of soft serve to tak (more…)

Jul 27 2018

Finding the Right Construction Contractor Can Make Any Project More Manageable

Lutherans are known for being creatures of habit. They like to go to the same service week and after week. They love to sit in the same pew every time that they walk into the sanctuary. When it came time to replace the pews that were more than 30 years old, however, everyone needed to be more flexible.
During the first week of the replacement process the entire congregation still met in the sanctuary, but they sat in rows of folding chairs. Arranged in rows very similar to the way that pews had been, many members were still able to find their regular seats.
By the second weekend, however, the sanctuary was a construction site so the folding chairs were moved into the fellowship hall. Although there were plenty of places to sit, the chairs were arranged very differently from when they were in the sanctuary. Completely upsetting the apple cart, church members found themselves sitting next to people who they had never met b (more…)

Jul 27 2018