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Faster, Cleaner And Smarter How Directional Boring Is Changing The Way We Look At Drilling

Saving money and increasing efficiency don’t have to be diametric opposites. In fact, they can go hand-in-hand more often than not.

Just take a look at your commercial boring communications lines. There’s always a cleaner method to be used. More money to be saved as you look for the best dig site or encourage the biggest possible haul. Seeing this can be difficult, however, when you’re knee-deep in projects that needed to be done yesterday. Whether it’s a communications line for a small business or a plumbing project for a newly built home, there’s little directional boring can’t do to improve the way you approach repair and construction.

Your precision directional boring has the potential to be the most efficient it’s ever been. Here’s what you should know.

Directional Boring Is Used In A Wide Variety Of Industries

Precision directional boring is just about everywhere you look. Electrical contractors use it to install communication (more…)

Aug 27 2018

The Interesting History of Roads

We like to think of our transportation system as thoroughly new and modern and, by some accounts, it is. Our roads and ships are designed specifically for safety and comfort though not many people know the specifics of the ideas behind them. Actually, the history of our modern highway system is interesting in and of itself. Our modern highways, with their seal coating and sealing concrete and speed humps and reflective striping and concrete maintenance and power wash services, was built mostly in the early fifties and sixties as a large scale civil engineering project funded by the federal government. Before this time, most of the roads in the United States were a patchwork series of smaller roads that functioned well enough but were very meandering and occasionally hard to navigate. They worked where they had to but many cities lacked the critical central connection (more…)

Aug 27 2018