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When Was the Last Time You Made a Charitable Donation?

In a time when a second college age student was killed within just a couple of months of each other and tropical rain storms have brought flooding to the Carolinas, there are many people who are looking for a way to be both hopeful and helpful. And while you cannot find a way to make sure that evil never enters out lives, it is sometimes possible to feel a little bit better about a circumstance if you find a way to help. Unfortunately, however, there are often groups who are going to try to take advantage of the generosity of others. Knowing what are the best charities to donate to in a time of crisis can help you feel empowered, and help others at the same time.
Giving to Others in Time of Great Need Can Help You Avoid Feeling Helpless
We live in challenging times, but there is comfort to be found in knowing that there are often ways that you can help. From making used cl (more…)

Sep 20 2018

Create the Craze with Shipping Containers

Dreaming of a fun and innovative way to engage with your target audience? With experiential marketing opportunities that directly engage consumers with businesses, repurposing shipping containers sets the stage for creative and unique opportunities to interact with your audience on an intimate level. Customized shipping containers creates the perfect environment to excite, delight, and inspire clients to interact with your business and products.

With approximately 17 million shipping containers in the world, your possibilities as a marketing tool are endless. Modified shipping containers are both temporary and permanent container spaces averaging a 25-year life span and require minimal maintenance. These shipping containers are now being called design 4.0 as they can take approximately five to 12 weeks off of a store’s potential opening timeline. For some clients, this could mean opening more than one store at a ti (more…)

Sep 20 2018