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The Benefits Of Donating To Charitable Organizations In The United States

A charity clothing pick up is something that is becoming ever more common all throughout the United States. The typical charity clothing pickup, likely found in your local community, is likely to accept all types of clothing – as well as clothing in various states of wear. After all, though we as Americans currently only donate about fifteen percent of our old clothes and throw the rest away, it is estimate that nearly one hundred percent of all textiles throughout the United States could be donated instead. And while forty five percent of used and donated clothing goes directly towards wearing again, the rest of used clothing is given other purpose – as factory rags, as furniture stuffing, the list goes on and on.

So there is really no doubt about it that the charity clothing pick up is good for the environment. In fact, giving your clothes donation to a charity clothing pick up can keep as much as two and a half billion tons of clothing articles out of landfills on a year basis, (more…)

Oct 19 2018

How Printing Services Can Help Your Direct Marketing Campaign

In today’s rapidly expanding technological age, social media and its influence is growing. From sharing Facebook updates to posting photos on Instagram to communicating with friends and followers on Twitter, social media is everywhere and isn’t going away anytime soon.

Despite the growing influence of social media, getting someone’s attention through a direct mail campaign is still effective. Up to 54 percent of customers say they prefer direct mail marketing and almost 80 percent of customers say they open direct mail immediately. What’s more, 48 percent of customers retain their direct mail for future reference and 92 percent of customers prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions.

Direct mail is all about getting someone to trust in a product or service and up to 56 percent of customers think direct mail marketing is the most trustworthy form of marketing and 90 percent of millennials feel that direct marketing is reliable. With that in mind, here are several thing (more…)

Oct 17 2018