3 Benefits of Using Containers as Concession Stands

40 foot shipping containers

Statistics show that there are over 17 million shipping containers around the world. Nearly 11 million of these containers are in storage waiting to be used. One popular use for shipping containers is turning them into portable concession stands. Here are the benefits of using storage containers as concession stands.

Benefits of a Shipping Container as a Concession Stand

A shipping container can be used for many different purposes. Many concessions managers are turning to shipping containers for their new locations. Here are several important benefits of using storage containers as portable concession stands.

  1. Not Having to Deal with Building a Stand

    You’ll find huge cost go into having a newly built. In addition, you’ll have to deal with the time it takes for that structure to be completed. A construction job can turn into a long ordeal, especially if space concerns are met. You won’t need to make any space adjustment when utilizing storage containers. Some of the largest shipping containers are 1,300 feet long with a width of 180 feet but it’s not likely that much space is necessary.
  2. Ability to be Shipped to Another Location

    It’s nearly impossible to move a constructed building. You’ll be glad to know that it’s easy to move shipping containers from one location to the next. These structures are designed to be transported around the world. There are specifications that will need to be followed to safely move these large structures. It’s a good feeling to portable concession stands are easy to move in the future.
  3. Long Lasting and Durable Structures

    It’s not wise to have a flimsy structure housing workers and concessions. Many people utilize used shipping containers as a sturdy and durable structure option. Steel shipping containers are often made from steel which is one of the strongest materials in the world. You’ll be able to relax while workers remain protected from the elements. Statistics show that shipping containers can easily last for 20 years with regular maintenance.

Tips for Having a Successful Concession Area

It’s difficult to enjoy the benefits of a concession stand without following a few tips. You’ll want to ensure that you follow a few important tips while running a concession stand. Here are three tips to ensure your stand is a huge hit with the public.

  • Have the Right Foods

    You’ll want to ensure everything is done to keep your stand running smoothly. One of the most important parts of a concession stand is the food you’ll present to customers. It’s important to ensure you have a few concession stands favorite on hand. A few of the most popular concession snacks include nachos, popcorn, and hot dogs.
  • Keep Plenty of Beverages on Hand

    Another popular aspect of concession stands are the beverages. Not every guest will be able to drink sodas. Therefore, it’s best to include soda, water, and juice options for your customers which gives them plenty of options.
  • Practice Excellent Customer Service
    Your customers want to know their business is valued. It’s important to ensure that customers are treated with respect. Encourage workers to smile when interacting with customers. It’s wise to give workers a pleasant phrase to greet incoming consumers. You’ll want to ensure workers are able to talk about any of the concession items. It’s rare but certain customers might need to know specific information about concession food for medical reasons.

In closing, many businesses are using shipping containers as portable concession stands. Many people utilize a shipping container to save money on construction costs. Shipping containers are literally made for shipping which makes it easy for them to arrive. You won’t need to make many adjustments upon receiving a shipping container. You’ll want to include popular food and beverages inside of your concession stand. It’s likely you’ll keep people coming back to your stand through implementing good customer service. Many continue to utilize shipping containers for housing their concession stands.

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