3 Industries That Utilize Aluminum Bronze

From a small toy to a large home, metal is used to help create many things. With that in mind, four of the most commonly used metal in the world of construction are stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and aluminum. When these metals are combined, it forms an alloy. Considering the combination options, there are many type of alloys that can be created. Many industries purchase aluminum bronze alloys. Considering that, here are three
industries where aluminum bronze is extremely popular.

The Aerospace Industry Uses Many Aluminum Bronze Grades

You’ll find that Aluminum Alloy 2014 is known for being an incredibly strong heat treatable product. In turn, this allow is often used to help create aircraft parts. That being said, aluminum bronze alloys are composed of 9% to 12% aluminum and no more than 6% nickel and iron.Various aluminum bronze grades are often used in the production of aircraft landing gear.

One of the most aluminum bronze properties is that it’s able to protect against corrosion. This alloy is often used in aircraft landing gear bearings to ensure the plane is able to land safely, especially on icy runways. That being said, there are other examples of alloys made from this material being used in the aerospace industry. In addition, this alloy is often used to help create steering components, doors, and hydraulic systems within an aircraft.

Aluminum Bronze is Popular in the Naval Industry

Throughout the world, many companies need to build pipes and other equipment that will be placed underwater. Considering that, it’s important to have a material that is able to withstand long periods of time spent in underwater environments. With that in mind, many aluminum bronze grades are utilized in these situations.

The naval industry often use these alloys due to their many benefits. Aluminum bronze alloys are durable and able to withstand corrosive conditions. That being said, aluminum bronze alloys aren’t only used to make piping within the naval industry. These alloys are also commonly used to help build various parts of submarines.

Widely Popular as a Construction Material

There are many uses of alloys in the construction industry. In certain situations aluminum bronze makes for a timeless and beneficial building material. Besides its superior durability, aluminum bronze is known to last an extremely long time. Therefore, the cost of obtaining and utilizing aluminum bronze tends to be outweighed by how long this material lasts.

In conclusion, there are several industries where aluminum bronze is commonly used. These alloys are sought after in the aerospace and naval industries for their superior durability and resistance to corrosion. In addition, this superior strength has also led to aluminum bronze being used to construct many buildings.

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