3 Types of Corporate Videos That Can Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

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There should be no doubt at this point that video marketing content has staggering amounts of potential. YouTube alone gets more than 4 billion views each day globally, and video advertising is expected to account for a third of total ad spending within the next five years. But promotional videos aren’t the only type of corporate videos that a company might consider. Here’s an overview of three other common types of corporate videos:

  1. Onboarding and Safety Films

    The process referred to today as onboarding is more extensive than simple training in tasks. Also referred to as organizational socialization, onboarding conveys not only the knowledge and skills, but also the behavioral aspects, that can make new employees effective in their positions. Companies that make efforts toward comprehensive onboarding techniques report higher job satisfaction, lower turnover and higher organizational commitment. Working with a digital video production company can make this process easier, as many people absorb information presented in a video better than they might through written instructions or computer applications.

  2. Product Videos

    Whatever your company’s product is, videos will probably be helpful in explaining it to potential customers. This goes double if you offer complicated technical or financial services. Marketing Charts reports that 60% of consumers will watch videos before purchasing products, so there’s quite an opportunity there to demonstrate the power of your product and convince consumers that it’s worth paying for. Because the tone and content of successful videos should be carefully tailored to the industry and target audience, it’s a good idea to work with experienced marketing consultants who can keep you on track with the latest video marketing trends (and ensure that they’re optimized for web viewing).

  3. Financial Results and Video Reports

    The best videos tell a story. When you’re sharing your results with executives or potential investors, the way you tell that story can make all the difference in the response you get. Creating a video can ensure that complex financial concepts are clearly explained, as well as influencing the mood with which your data are received. These types of videos can use some of the same visual techniques as PowerPoint presentations, but keep the information from feeling too dry.

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