3 UX Design Mistakes On Your Website Right Now

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The process of incorporating UX design basics into a website design plan — and ultimately into your overall digital marketing plan — certainly isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Because the majority of UX web design factors register with users on a completely subconscious level, it only makes sense that if mistakes are made in the UX design process, these mistakes could be overlooked very easily and unintentionally.

So what exactly are some of these common mistakes that businesses make with UX web design? For starters…

  1. Auto-play features, including both videos and music. These were pretty popular, once upon a time, at least 10 years ago. These days, internet users just get annoyed by the extra noise and time it takes for a page to load. Considering that so many people access the internet mobilely on their smartphones and tablets, sometimes noisy websites can be a major disturbance (and source of embarrassment).

  2. Placing the navigation bar somewhere other than at the top of the screen. This is just where the navigation bar needs to go if you want to follow UX design rules for website development. Internet users tend to look at the top of a webpage before anything else, and because so many websites put navigation bars at the top, many people have become so used to this placement that they don’t even think about finding it.

  3. Having an intermediate page with a subscription offer or advertisement, asking visitors to “Click to continue onto the site.” Even if you aren’t making your visitors wait on this page (as many advertisements do), requiring users to take an action before they even get onto your website is just asking for trouble. A key facet of UX web design is to make navigation so simple, visitors don’t have to think when they browse your website. When you make visitors decide whether or not to take an action, that requires effort — just a little effort, sure, but enough to turn away tons of potential customers.

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